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Eco-chic conscious fashion from Ibiza

It all started with Cecilia, a young Argentinian girl with a passion for travel and love for adventure. Cecilia spent most of the 1990’s traversing this beautiful blue planet. From the jungles, beaches and deserts of North and Central America, to the far and near East; yet she was always drawn back to the sunny shores of Ibiza. During her prolonged visits to Asia, she came to love the art, colours and fabrics from these mystical lands. 

It was no surprise that India quickly became her second homeland; it was here she tapped into her creative talents by simply flowing with the river of life, guided by the wonder and magic of existence. Influenced by those colours, patterns, shapes and styles, she began to create dresses and skirts made from the best natural fabrics Mother Earth has to offer. 

These early designs were a great success in the Ibiza and Formentera boutiques, and in 2005 Cecilia Saglio Rossini founded her own clothing line - Hippy Chick. A brand that honours the true spirit of Adlib Ibiza Fashion; a style that has been developed from traditional Ibicenco attire combined with colourful fabrics and designs from the hippies that lit up the island in the 60’s and 70´s.

Hippy Chick Ibiza has since become an international fashion label from the famous ‘White Isle’, celebrating its ten year anniversary in 2015.


From its very beginning, the company produced Spring/Summer collections with fair-trade factories that could handle the fine hand beading, hand embroidery and elaborate embellishments that make the designs so unique. Hippy Chick Ibiza still takes great pride in working with smaller factories, who are better able to follow Cecilias creative process with a ‘hands on’ approach, and where digitally printed fabrics and high quality batik are being produced without polluting the environment, making sure the waste products from fabrication are properly disposed of.


I nostri vestiti sono realizzati eticamente a mano con metodi artigianali.


Spedizione gratuita per tutti gli ordini superiori a € 200 + un servizio di consegna completamente tracciabile in 2-5 giorni su tutti gli ordini.


Hai 14 giorni di tempo dalla data in cui ricevi l'ordine a casa tua per restituire il tuo acquisto con facilità.