Our origins

Hippy Chick is a family brand, born in 2005 on the beautiful island of IBIZA. It is the natural result of coming from an Italian family of clothing designers plus the inspiration of years of nomadic life, traveling through Asia and South America.

The Hippy Chick Family

Our collections find their origin in the richness of ethnic and gypsy cultures that we’ve encountered in our trips… their sumptuous materials, vibrant color palettes, exotic handcrafts, and unique production techniques are the infinite source of our inspiration.

At those times Cecilia was known as “the Hippy Chick”, due to her talent in discovering “treasure garments” and mixing them up, creating her signature boho style. In 1999 she created the first production in Bali, to be sold in the still virgin areas of Mexico.

Today we work as a family with a common dream, to create a better world through conscious actions. Cecilia and her partner are the proud parents of a gorgeous little girl and together with their globetrotter cat Antonio are planning their next adventure, exploring this beautiful planet we call Home.💚


As vegetarians, we must admit that the offspring resulting from Foppe’s love life is starting to become an issue ;-)


Cecilia’s true business partner, traveling together for 14 years all across India, South America and Europe.


The ocean has always played an essential role in our lives, we have enjoyed the pleasure of diving in its depths since a very young age, that’s why we feel as first-hand witnesses of the painful devastation that is taking place worldwide.

It is our intention to support several NGOs with part of our profits, starting with SAVE POSIDONIA PROJECT, a fantastic initiative to bring awareness to the damage that the Posidonia plant —responsible of the beautiful Mediterranean turquoise waters— is actually suffering.